Dr Francesco Valentino

Francesco is a DAWN/DARK Fellow. He is studying the physical properties of both quiescent and star-fomrming galaxies in the early Universe, and the enviromental effects on the galaxy evolution. He is also the PI of a large ALMA [CI] survey of z~1.5 star forming galaxies. Before joining our team, Francesco completed his PhD Thesis at CEA Saclay under the supervision of Dr E. Daddi. He is also acting as co-supersor in the Master Thesis of Cecilie Sand Nørholm

Vasily Kokorev

Vasily is a PhD fellow at the Cosmic DAWN center studying the evolution of molecular gas in galaxies using Hershcel and ALMA continuum and atomic/molecular line observations. His interests also include the formation of first galaxies and the epoch of reionisation. He received his MSc degree in Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Sussex in 2018, where he have carried out work related to the 21 cm radio astronomy, while being advised by Mark Sargent.

David Blanbquez Sese

David is a MSc student at DAWN/DTU. He developed machine learning algorithms for the exploration of the new COSMOS2020 catalogue and for his MSc Thesis he is looking into the GOODS-ALMA 1.1mm map to explore the dust continuum and the gas mass reservoir of high-z quiescent galaxies.

Nikolaj Bjerregaard Sillassen

Nikolaj is a BSc student at DAWN/DTU. He is exploring the new COSMOS2020 catalogue aiming to establish the main sequence of star formation at z>4

Isabella Cortzen

Isabella is a PhD student at the Niels Bohr Institute. She is working towards establishing new tracers and methods to measure the molecular gas on the galaxies across cosmic time. Before staring her PhD, Isabella successfully completed her Master Thesis, entitled: "Examining the existence of two distinct modes of star formation A study of the gas reservoir and dust emission in star-forming galaxies across cosmic time" under my supervision at Niels Bohr Institute.

Simon Ponnchida

Simon is a second year Master student at the Niels Bohr Institute. His Master Thesis focuses on combining HST with ALMA observations of distant galaxies to study the spatial distribution and the interplay of stars and dust. Simon received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Copenhagen and did his Erasmus exchange studies at the University College London, UK.

Athanasios Anastasiou

Athanasios is a second year Master student at the Niels Bohr Institute. His Master Thesis focuses on the search of high-z quiencent galaxies using the COSMOS 2020 catalogue that is currently under development at the Cosmic Dawn Center.

Evangelos Paspaliaris

In anticipation of JWST data, for his Thesis Evangelos investigated the potential of using the 3.3μm PAH feature as a proxy of the star-formation rate of high-z galaxies. His currentky a PhD studeny at the National Observatory of Athens

Cecilie Sand Nørholm

Cecilie dedicated her MSc Thesis on the enviromental effects on galaxy evolution using spectroscopic data of high-z cluster members, acquired from the Very Large Telescope (PI F. Valentino).

Marina Papathanassiou

Marina, formally a student at the Danish Technical University, carried out her Masters Thesis at NBI focusing on the impact of the CMB on the observations of the R-J tail of very high redshift galaxies.